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Download from Mac App Store. Where to begin with Express Scribe. Some people love it, others hate it.

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I do have a lot of issues with NCH — the company that makes this software, but the software is pretty good. Though, the audio quality is not that great — especially if you slow it down. Very easy, but I wish it was more intuitive. So yes, there is a steep learning curve on how to use Express Scribe for transcription — well worth it, because this software has a lot of customizable features that are going to help you become a very efficient transcriber.

Happy transcribing!

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This is for Kongo: Thrilled to find a Pages transcriber, having been told repeatedly that I must purchase Word for Mac. I am a senior, training myself.

Five Ways to Easily Convert Audio Files to Text

What Pages book would you recommend as backup? Any tips? Can I have your email for …possible future panic, breakdown, etc.? Thank you so much.

Enable OS X's Enhanced Dictation for on-the-fly transcription | Macworld

Just finding you has been wonderful. Hey Susan. Glad you found our site.


Regards, Kongo. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Click the Apple logo in the upper-left corner of your Mac's screen, and then select "System Preferences. Click the "Dictation" tab if it is not selected already, and then click the "On" radio button to enable dictation.

Set your preferences. Click the microphone icon and select which microphone you want to use. If you only have one microphone connected to your Mac, the internal microphone is selected automatically. Click the "Shortcut" pull-down menu and select which key or series of keys on your keyboard you want to press to notify your Mac that you want it start converting voice to text.

Launch the application where you want to convert voice to text. You can use any application that has text fields. I suppose the brute force solution would be to plug headphones into the audio port and hold them up to the microphone. Is there a more software-based solution more analogous to Unix pipes? You can install Soundflower. It's a great utility that creates virtual input and output devices.

So you could route QuickTime player, for example, as the input for the dictation. On Mavericks, you can use the dictation on an audio file if you use Soundflower plus an audio player which allows you to choose the sound output device, such as Audacity. This way you won't be affected by Mavericks muting the system sound output during dictation, because the output will go into Soundflower before it gets muted, and you set the dictation to receive only from Soundflower.

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This also has the advantage of other sounds that may occur such as a reminder notification sound not causing interference. It will also work better than previous Mac OS X versions because the enhanced dictation in Mavericks which needs to be enabled first does not cut off the dictation after 30 seconds. This webpage provides the details on how to use the Mac OS X In Yosemite, Whenever we try to use the dictation feature in OSX it mutes other sounds and active only the build-in microfone. You need to set some hidden preferences to make this work.

Open Terminal and enter the two commands below:. After doing this turn off dictation in Systems Preferences, wait a few seconds and then re-enable it. You should now be able to dictate while audio is playing.

convert audio to text mac os x Convert audio to text mac os x
convert audio to text mac os x Convert audio to text mac os x
convert audio to text mac os x Convert audio to text mac os x
convert audio to text mac os x Convert audio to text mac os x
convert audio to text mac os x Convert audio to text mac os x

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