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Go to sayButtonClicked in ViewController. A blue pointed rectangle will appear. This is an active breakpoint and when you click the button, the debugger will stop here. Click it again and it will turn pale blue. It is now an inactive breakpoint and will not stop the code and start the debugger. To remove the breakpoint completely, drag it out of the line numbers gutter. Add the breakpoint again and run the app.

Become an iPhone Game Developer In 10 Steps [How To]

Click the Say Hello button. Xcode will come to the front with the breakpoint line of code highlighted. In the bottom of the Editor panel, there will now be two new sections: Variables and Console. The Variables section shows the variables used in this function as well as self — the View Controller, and sender — the button. Above the Variables display is a set of buttons for controlling the debugger.

Mouse over each one and read the tooltop to see what it does. Click the Step Over button to move to the next line. In the Variables display, you can check that name is an empty string, so click Step Over twice more. Select the name variable in the Variables display and click the Quick Look button below to see the contents.

Now click the Print Description button to see the information printed in the Console.

How To Make an App - Ep 1 - Introduction (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10)

When you have checked the contents of the name variable, click the Continue program execution button to stop debugging and let the program move on. Use the button in the top right to hide the Debug area. In addition to code and user interfaces, your app will also need some artwork. Due to the different screen types Retina and non-Retina , you often need to provide multiple versions of each asset.

To simplify this process, Xcode uses Asset Libraries to store and organize the assets that accompany the app. In the Project Navigator , click on Assets. The only item there so far is AppIcon which will contain the various images needed to display the app icon in all the required resolutions. Click on AppIcon — you can see that it wants 10 different images to cover all the possibilities, but if you supply any one of these, Xcode will use it as best it can.

This is not good practice, as you should supply all the required icon sizes, but for this tutorial one icon will be sufficient. Download the sample icon which is a x pixel image. Drag it into the Mac pt 1x box. Build and run the app to see the icon in the Dock menu. If you still see the default app icon, quit the HelloWorld app, go back to Xcode and choose Clean from the Product menu, then run the app again. As well as being an editor, Xcode also contains all the documentation you will need for writing macOS apps. Search for NSButton. Make sure Swift is the selected language, then click the top search result so that you can read all the details about buttons and button properties.

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There is also a way to get to relevant documentation directly from your code. Go back to ViewController. Option-click on the word stringValue. A popup appears with a short description. At the bottom of the popup is a link to Property Reference. Click this link and the documentation will open to show more information. Option-clicking is often a really good way to learn, and you can even add documentation to your own functions so that it shows up in the same way. uses cookies.

The Help menu also includes Xcode Help for specific information about the Xcode environment. In the next part of this tutorial series, you will start to create a more complicated app. Hope to see you there! Full access to the largest collection of Swift and iOS development tutorials anywhere! I started programming in the early s and was an instant Mac fan as soon as I saw my first one. When it became possible to While he is not working or fiddling with new stuff, he likes to read Chris Belanger is the Editor-in-Chief of raywenderlich.

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Do you want to learn how to develop your own apps for macOS? So what are you waiting for? The world of desktop apps awaits! If you already have iOS experience, this first part of the series will be a review. Take a quick look through the topics to make sure and then skip straight ahead to the next part of the series. Otherwise, keep reading. This series is for complete beginners — no experience of developing for iOS or macOS is required! Core Concepts macOS Tutorials. Average Rating 4. Add a rating for this content Sign in to add a rating.

Learn more. More like this Completed New. Read on to see how to apply! Completed New. Find out how to get your own copy of this must-have book! Contributors Sarah Reichelt I started programming in the early s and was an instant Mac fan as soon as I saw my first one. Tech Editor. Michael Briscoe Michael is an Independent Software Developer with over 30 years of programming experience. Fpe Team Lead. Show Comments.

With Buildbox 3, you can drag and drop to create unique and professional 3D games. The built-in Asset Library help you quickly start building out your game.

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Use preview mode to instantly test and prototype as you design. Build 2D platformers with a 3D art style. You can create stunning interactive UI screens or even entertaining cut scenes. Get Started Now. The best things about BuildBox are how easy it is to build a game and how quickly you can build a game.

Creating games on your Mac

I built a game in a week that is now on course to gain million downloads. BuildBox is the tool that changed my life and enabled me to do this business full time. BuildBox is the best drag and drop game builder ever created. We use it exclusively in our business to create awesome games fast without any coding. We have been featured 8 times by Apple, all games were built with BuildBox. From ease of use to lightning fast development times, Buildbox is packed with tons of features and has some serious power under the hood. We have tutorials , manuals and personal email support for any customer who needs it.

Read More. Join our active forums to learn how to use Buildbox.

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Time to create design launch games. Walkthrough Video.

Unity game development with Visual Studio for Mac | Visual Studio Blog

How it works. The process of creating the game in X10 Speed. Chart Topping Games Made Here. More Games.

game making app for mac Game making app for mac
game making app for mac Game making app for mac
game making app for mac Game making app for mac
game making app for mac Game making app for mac
game making app for mac Game making app for mac
game making app for mac Game making app for mac

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