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Your MacBook Air just returned from service and now your function keys are not working? Why are you asking us instead of taking it back where the service was performed? We would love to help you but without knowing all the particulars, it's best to take it back where you had it repaired. Originally Posted by chscag. Great question. Thanks for your reply. The computer in question is my work computer, and I didn't send it out for repair, my IT guy did.

Before you ask why I'm not asking him, I did and he doesn't have a clue, and this isn't a top priority for him, which I guess I can understand. So I have taken it upon myself to see if I can find an answer, mostly because it is annoying and frustrating.

My Function keys are messed up. Volume & Brightness keys don't work!

It was sent out because it wouldn't turn on, and it turns out there was water damage. All the components that were affected were replaced. The keys physically function in the sense that they respond to being pressed. And as I mentioned, when the mission control settings, for example, are set to have F10 show the desktop, it does. All the other keys respond as expected, just the function keys.

So it would seem to me that it is a setting or software issue, and not a physical issue with the keys or keyboard. But of course, I'm no expert, which is why I'm here looking for some help. Is there any additional information I can provide that would prove helpful for any suggestions on what to try to fix the issue? I would sincerely appreciate any ideas this forum can provide.

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I suspect the lack and delay of any additional response here is due to the fact that your problem has already been answered. Plus the fact we now learn of water damage adds to the solution problem. But as it was sent out and your IT guy is too busy, I'd suggest to contact the original repair people who are familiar with the machine and its problem and see if they can't fix things.

It could be just a loose cable, but I'm just guessing. Anyway, they are the people to contact and who can hopefully fix things for you. And I don't think there's anything you can do with software to make them work. Thanks Patrick. I guess I surmised that since the key does "respond" in the sense that it recognizes it is being pressed, that it isn't physical damage. Unfortunately, I have no way to get in touch with the tech who did the repair, only my IT guy can do that. I've seen in multiple places that this isn't an uncommon problem, and while some of the "simple" solutions seemed to have worked, many have reported that nothing worked, and they either gave up, or installed 3rd party applications I recall Maestro or something like that , so I'll probably try that.

In more than one case I read, it was after a tech worked on their computer and the "fix" was to "remap" the keyboard, but I can't seem to find instructions on how to do that. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Maybe I'm shooting at the moon, but figured if there was anywhere to try, it was here.

Quick update: In system preferences: Was able to change that to F1 and F2, now those work. Still trying to find where to assign F9-F11 to the volume functions. Tried to reassign Mission Control show desktop and dashboard to something completely different, in hopes it would "force" the keys to be mapped to volume, but no dice. Of course some cyst preferences will have to be reset. Just press the fn key at the bottom left.. Sep 8, Having the same problem.

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The problem is larger than just breaking shortcuts in game -- sometimes the function keys remain broken until I reboot my mac! This persistent changing of F key behavior has only happened once and appears to be linked to a game initialization crash which has also started happening since last patch.

Sep 8, 1.

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Running a inch, Mid Macbook Pro and getting the same issues. Sep 9, 1. Does this "issue" belong to the hotkey-issue maybe? Anyways, this hotkey thing is really! Plus a question to everyone else who has this issue: Before it was like a "blobb" and now it's more like a "knock" o. O dafu q is wrong here? Same issue here.

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Never had a problem with this until the most recent patch. Something in the patch must've caused this issue. Sep 10, 1. Also, the functions keys are "wired" to F1 or F2? Because when you click on them on the main menu its switches between quick match, hero league, etc. Please fix this as it is very annoying, especially if you are multitasking, not being able to lower the volume or change the brightness in game.

Sep 11, Same problems: In contrast to others, I am on an iMac, with an external Apple keyboard. This all started abot days ago, as well.

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I have the same issues and I'm also on a macbook pro, but I think it started either 2 or 3 patches ago. I just figured it would be fixed by now since it didn't seem related to anything new P Please fix the F keys! I always change brightness during matches like Garden of terror. When the map gets duller and brighter, I still need to be able to SEE! Please fix this!

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  • Sep 13, Sep 14, Sep 17, I have keyboard ishues too, but with a windows os. They are extremly unresponsive after that patch, and now i lost a game even to the bots, cose i canot properly use the abilities. Its almost like playing without a keyboard Sep 18, 1.

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