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You can try all of them as choosing just one photo viewer out of them is very difficult to even for us! While Movavi is considered as one of the best, it comes with a price tag. We will be here and will always keep bringing a newly updated list soon for you to have a great time. Tips : You may need to retrieve pictures from the internal storage device or your computer, check Gihosoft RePicvid Photo Recovery.

Best Photo Viewer Apps for Windows 10 1. This interface has an amazingly clean UI that works accordingly with other Microsoft-made apps. Here, all photo management is awesome. Photos App automatically allows you to arrange photos and videos in a neat timeline.

Best Photo Viewer Apps for Windows 10 (12222)

Here you can also import any and all photos from your device folders and external media. The Photos app has a built-in search box that works just fine. You can also do context-based searches. The Photos app also has a Share button where you can send images and videos directly from within the app and upload them to cloud services. This app also has an inbuilt video editor that works well for light editing.

Best Image Viewers for Mac

You get hassle-free navigation and simple UI. You can add and view images from local folders and cloud storage. You can switch between images easily. Use different filters and effects for editing images.

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Is a slideshow viewer too. Batch image format change where you can change the format of multiple images at once. The look and feel might not feel good to some users. Google Photos — Best online image viewer for cross-device experience Our third entry had to be Google. Considered as best user interface of all photo viewers in this list.

Supports variety of image formats. Google Photos provides access to photos and videos on multiple devices. Frees up space on your computer by keeping data in cloud. Upload photos from your PC and phone. Supports image editing options such as crop, rotate, filters, etc. Fix images taken in bad lighting conditions. You can easily create albums and share with anyone. Provides automated AI-powered face tagging in the images. It also requires an internet connection to view your image that has been stored in the cloud on PC.

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The user interface is considered to be very nice but navigating through the app is not easy. This can also work with PSD file formats. Apowersoft works as a PDF reader app. This app comes with a built-in image editing tool. Apowersoft also gives you batch processing of images to change their formats and file names.

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Setting up your Windows Photo Viewer as a default app is better than the previous method. You don't have to worry about creating a new shortcut for every image file. More so, this method is easier and straightforward. Mind you, this method differs based on the type of Windows 10 installment. Step 1: Click on Settings. Select "System" and click on default apps. Scroll down to your Photo Viewer This is your current default image viewer. Step 2. Click on the Photo Viewer and you will see a list of option for a new default image viewer.

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Step 3. Select Windows Photo Viewer as your default image viewer. Mind you, you will only see this option if you upgraded OS to Windows The Window Photo Viewer app doesn't appear as an executable file on Windows In fact, it appears as a. Therefore, you can't use it to open an image in that format. More so, you can use set it as your default program by using the aforementioned steps. This step involves tweaking Windows registry. To restore your Photo Viewer app, you need to follow these steps:. That's the reason why your Windows Photo Viewer won't appear in the "Open with" menu when you want to open images in.

Fortunately, you can manually add this image viewing app to your "Open With" menu via the following steps:. Go to your Start menu and type in "regedit" and click on it. Once you select this key, you will see only two strings:. This means Windows can only open images with these extensions. You need to add more strings value under the "File Association" key. This will enable you to add Windows Photo Viewer app in your "Open with" menu. More so, it will enable the app to open images in more formats. You can create new string values by right-clicking on the empty space at the right-hand side of the window.

Select "New" and click on "String value". Now, name a new string value as. Double click it and affix its value data to PhotoViewer. So, whenever you right click on a jpeg file, the Windows Photo Viewer will appear in the "Open With" menu. In a similar fashion, create a new string value and name it as an image format such as jpeg, bmp, or png. Your window pane should look like the image below at the end of these steps. In the case of an upgrade, you will need to add your Windows Photo Viewer to the Open with menu of your images.

So, follow these steps to get this underway. Every method in this section is specifically geared to help you restore your favorite app. Sometimes, these methods such as integrating new file formats into the registry editor, are complex and requires a keen ability to follow every step and line without making mistake.

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On the other hand, some are so easy that it only requires a little tweak to get it right. Yes, you've finally restored your Windows Photo Viewer app, but you are not out of the woods just yet.

Here's a question: how do you restore your photos when your Windows Photo Viewer crashes? Yes, it's easy to lose your photos due to a system glitch malfunction. So, back to the question, you can restore your lost photos by using the Recoverit Photo Recovery software. The photo recovery app is an advanced data recovery software that enables the retrieval of lost data irrespective of the size, format, and quality. Its deep search algorithm aids its ability to scour through even obscure files to get your desired photos or videos. More so, it has a fast recovery mode of operation and its compatible with different devices from Windows to Mac OS.

Third-party software like Recoverit is the perfect solution to recovering your lost photos. The mode of recovery is quite straightforward and takes less than a few minutes to complete the whole deleted photo recovery process. Mac users can download the Mac version and get the solution from this page: Mac Photo Recovery. Since you are recovering your lost photos from deleted files, click on the hard drive with the right designated letter.

Now click "Start". An all-around scan will be launched immediately. It offers an in-depth form of lost image recovery and is ideal for all deleted files. Once the scan is completed, you can preview your files before recovery. Select the wanted photos and click on the "Recover button at the lower part of the screen to get pictures back. Don't save your deleted photos in the same drive you recovered from. Getting your beloved Windows Photo Viewer app has never been easier with these methods.

Be rest assured that each of these methods is guaranteed to bring you the desired result without a hitch or malfunction. So, take the step to transform your Windows experience with these nuggets. How to Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 This article explores different ways of restoring Windows Photo Viewer, reasons for missing Windows photo viewer in Windows 10 and how to restore lost photos in Windows Win Version Mac Version.

windows picture viewer download mac Windows picture viewer download mac
windows picture viewer download mac Windows picture viewer download mac
windows picture viewer download mac Windows picture viewer download mac
windows picture viewer download mac Windows picture viewer download mac
windows picture viewer download mac Windows picture viewer download mac
windows picture viewer download mac Windows picture viewer download mac

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