Mac nc35 for indian skin

Confused About MAC Foundation Shades- NC35, NC40 C4, C35 Help!

I have been using this foundation for so many years!

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I love it I just wish it came with a pump! Nicely reviewed. I have the studio sculpt which I use when I need heavier coverage. Price is not any issue for me and I actually prefer without the pump. I have issues on the amount I pump out and most of time, I tend to bring out more than needed, I shall buy this brand as my current foundation is gonna run out soon.

No doubt MAC foundations are expensive however they totally justify the price tag.. No hun I would be reviewing it soon too I am glad you like it I am hoping to love it too.. Lovely review: We Love Your Comments, Please do not post any blog links with your comment, We will not approve such comments Feel free to share your thoughts. Let's see the Review About The Product: Radha Krishnakumar November 20, at Samannita Modak November 20, at Pip November 20, at Krithi Marla November 20, at Natasha Bhatt November 20, at Lisha B.

November 20, at Charu Sharma November 20, at Navneet Thethi November 20, at Tina November 20, at Samannita Modak November 20, at 2: Pooja Mittal November 20, at Rakhshanda Rizvi November 20, at Aditi Y November 20, at Anubhooti Khanna November 20, at Niesha Jeenwal November 20, at Mansi Chauhan November 20, at 1: Dascha Boonstra November 20, at 2: Jayshree Bhagat November 20, at 2: Samannita Modak November 20, at 6: Carolyne O' November 20, at 3: Vipra Patil November 20, at 3: Gutu Bianca Lucia November 20, at 4: Poo Jain November 20, at 4: Or if it gets too confusing just get it in your mind to go for the opposite of your undertone when it comes to MAC shades.

As Indians, most of us have warm undertones so you will see a lot of NC around if you ask for our shade. As you can see. NW looks pink, so apt for cool undertones. NC is a little more yellow in comparison.

The top five questions about MAC foundations – answered!

Apt for olive, gold, warm complexion like us. C is the yellowest, apt for people with strong yellow undertones. In short If you are Indian and not pink-y fair then opt for the NC shades. As far as the numbers are concerned the medium Indian wheatish complexion usually gets a match with NC If you are fairer, then you can go down for 37, 35 or If you are darker then move forward to 42, 43… I hope you got the drift. When it comes to concealers it depends totally on your requirement.

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  • Confused About MAC Foundation Shades- NC35, NC40 C4, C35 Help!.
  • Beginner's Guide to MAC Shades in Base MakeupEverything-That Matters | Everything-That Matters.
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  • Foundation Shade Guide - MAC NCNC30 to NCNC40 Shade Match/ Equivalents.
  • If it is for imperfections on face, go for the NC range and try shades around your foundation shade. If it is for the under eyes and dark circles, then it depends on the intensity of it. The under eye area usually is darker than rest of the face. So try one shade that is one or two shades dark than your foundation shade. But if it looks ashy or weird in any way that means you have to opt for the opposite undertone. I hope that cleared all the doubts you had regarding MAC shades in foundation and concealer. Would love to know your thoughts on it. Hi I m using mac studio fix foundation in shade nc 42 which is perfect match for me along with mac studio fix compact nc 42 I want to by concelear which shade I should opt 2 shades lighter or darker to conceal my pimples on cheeks..

    For concealing marks on face and cheek you should match something around your foundation shade only. Only when it comes to concealing under eye area that you go one shade lighter or even a different undertone. Its NC for face for sure if you use NC 42 in foundation, but I will still ask you to not pick NC 42 from there concealer range blindly. Get it matched at the store as different ranges in MAC have varied amount of yellow and orange in their formula.

    So the shade you actually need may be slightly different. I have a wheatish complexion and I want to try Mac foundation on myself. Which shade would you think be better for me??? You have to go and check it at the store for an exact match Farha. You should be around NC if you are wheatish. I had no clue about all this! Such a brilliant post!


    Thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to write this post! Really, this is what we amateurs expect from you guys!

    MAC Makeup Tutorial - Makeup for Indian Skin - corallista

    Please do more posts like this! I am glad you found this post helpful Anupama. Now this is something i expect from beauty bloggers.

    Indian Beauty Zone: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review, Swatches and FOTD

    Thumbs up girl! Nice detailed yet simplified post. I am going to buy my first mac foundation in days. Can you suggest me which one is good for bridal makeup. What more will you suggest which will make a big difference in the look.

    Re: Confused About MAC Foundation Shades- NC35, NC40 C4, C35 Help!

    I am fair and dont hv many imperfections on the face but hv lil darkness around mouth. Before i suggest you a foundation, let me know your skin type. Are you the bride? If yes then Congratulations! You can get some basics like foundation, concealer and few lipsticks from MAC.

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