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He told us that if we could guess what song they keyboard player was playing on stage I'm sure it was tay walker now but I didn't know him then we could do the meet and greet and if not we only got to meet Clock. He asked us what songs we wanted to hear after we had all taken our pictures with him. I never did return to see him again. I had 2 or 3 opportunities and I always thought there'd be a next time.

My friend and I were going to get Swimming tickets and then it happened. Never again will I skip out on a concert. I had gotten tickets to the swimming tour and it was going to be my first time seeing him. Got to see him after Divine Feminine came out, and I was dating a girl that I met abroad at the time. But why would you, when it was his raw humanity that made him so attractive as an artist? Edit: We also do not have any idea whatsoever if he died by using drugs The autopsy results are not public yet, the toxicology tests are not even complete, and no evidence was found around his body to indicate his death.

Not saying that will happen, but you're pretty damn foolish to just take a guess at face value. Spadez bro I'm still on this Mac miller shit I can't stop listening and looking at videos of him more then I ever did this one really hurt me feels like I lost a friend. Christian M. I felt his loss more than any artist before!! I didn't understand why I had this emotion. But I did and its comforting to know by reading comments on his videos and performances that I'm not the only one. P Mac Miller. Eternally grateful. You graced us all with your music. Is there any way we can see the entire live?

I wish I could see it so bad, I miss Mac.

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Yeah it's feel real he take too much drugs. Drivin' with my eyes closed.. Tell the truth or step aside. I don't think i will every truly get over this loss. RIP Mac you were one of the first rappers to introduce me to the game, and you forever altered my taste in music. I never thought he'd be gone so early. I still feel so hurt by the news of his death. RIP Mac Miller. An artist that was constantly evolving : Thankful for all his art he left behind.

Been listening since Blue Slide Park I was in elementary school. I grew up alongside Mac and his beautiful music. I felt like as he went through fazes, I went through them as well. Thank you Mac for every impact you made on my life without even realizing. Rest easy brother, I'll never forget. I looooooooovvvvvveeeee this song it's amazing love u Mac and RIP. Gone too early. I thought he was getting better. Idk man. Been taking this one super hard.

Weird how people get more famous after their death.. Right now im just waiting for a sign he is alive.

I want him to be here. I miss you mac, rest in peace my man. Robert okello just stop with that non sense This song as it is already has such a way of flowing from one lyric to the next, and is my favorite song from swimming. This rendition is so smooth and hypnotic. The way he delivers the lyrics feels like spoken word poetry, and makes the song make sense in a whole new way.

Such a beautiful, talented soul gone. It's crazy. One day here.. Those three are worse singers than mac miller obviously.

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And Im not even a mac miller fan. Your a troll just admit it sheesh. Please explain. Edit:I couldn't help but take a glance at your playlist labeled "best".

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I can see why you feel the way you feel, you simply do not know better. Macklemore, lil yachty, Drake. Your dumbass probably never even listened to him. Near death drug users show signs and symptoms. Such as loss of weight, lack of energy, etc..

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Why haven't they updated his cause of death? Oh and his house was wiped clean.. Yall let shit like that just slide because the media says it You clearly are retarded and know nothing about what you're speaking to. To Mac's team - we'd love it if you eventually released this whole show's visuals. I'd love to be able to experience what that show was like.

This is absolutely incredible! I dont know what to say other than what a great album! It really hurts that this is the last one. I never met him but feel like I did through his honest and beautiful music! Was extremely lucky to see him in concert Oct 24 What a show! Why you lyin'? Tell the truth and step aside I don't got the time to let it slide yep I'm too grounded, push whips, that move mountains, new crib, blue fountains These are my surroundings I've been going through it, you just go around it But it's really not that different I'm always sayin' I won't change but I ain't the same Everything is different, I can't complain Don't know what you missin' Shame on you, shame on you Everything is strange, that's just a game Everybody trippin', thrown it away We was getting lifted, now we getting paid Shame on you Hurt Feelings.

Mac Miller we miss you so much is so awesome that should have never happened we love u. I hope you knew that.. I still get emotional.. I never thought a celebrity death would affect me this much but you was like a homie..

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I hope your in a better place with the angels and God.. Faces was great but this is the wave Mac was always trying to be on and he did it. Mac was 26 years old and he was very wise. This shud be a lesson Kick the dope Say no to drugs and yes to ses. P Mac When i heard the news i thought it wasn't real fly high love you. Never been a fan.

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  8. Never listened to his songs, but RIP. A lot of my friends are devestated. I know what it feels like to lose one of your favorite artists. Went through it with Chester Bennington. It still sucks, but just remember, their music lives on. I mean, sure, I'm not a fan of his music, but like you said, that's because I'm not a fan of rap. It has nothing to do with Mac or anything. I respect him as an artist, as a lot of my friends liked him.

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