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Hi I am trying to transfer data from my old Mac book pro to a newer one using a thunderbolt cable it has spent the last 20 minutes looking for the other source am I doing something wrong? Boot into Target disk mode Apple T and plug it in as if it were an external hard disk via firewire or thunderbolt.

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The screen on my Macbook just died a few days ago. Is there a way to transfer my files but not programs? Also what about my Safari bookmarks? Thanks for your help! Any advise how i do this , if i use assistant it will copy the who thing including all 4 accounts. There are check boxes for what you want to migrate. Just check the one user. Use migration assistant to transfer to mac pro. Do a fresh install of OS X onto the old mac air. Tried to use MA today, and got an error message saying there was too much data. Are some of these duplicating data?

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Hi Wayne, Impressed with your knowledge. These are the programmes I use the most and as such will be buying the new MBP.

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When I went to upgrade to Mountain Lion a couple of years ago I found that my computer slowed considerably These programmes barely ran. Will Migration assistant cause the new computer on Yosemite to slow in the same way?

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I imagine it would. You might want to check how much RAM you have. It says she has MB of Apps and We have already gone back and deleted a ton of photos and other large items, but there is no way there is Any ideas? I want to transfer all of my programs photoshop etc from my air to the new pro but will this get rid of the existing programs and files on the new pro if I was to transfer the stuff from the air onto it as well?

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I am trying to transfer all the contents of my old Macbook Pro to a brand new Macbook Air. The Air does have enough space for all my stuff mostly pics — I am an avid photographer. How do get the Time Machine backup content with the pics into the iCloud as way to avoid the space limitations? Both are running the same OS X and updated, etc.

I start Migration assistant but it wants to do it wirelessly. How do I go about creating a direct connection between the two so it does not take hours to transfer data?

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Easiest just to plug both macs into your router that you use for internet or into an airport base station and it should all work. Try giving one mac My macbook air cannot detect my apple tv that i purchased also? I am unable to login into macbook. I have no other user,and i want to backup the data before installing the OS. Please let me know how can i do it?

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I have a macbook usb c and bought a macbook pro. Can I use the usb c to transfer using Migration assistant? Thanks in advance. It should work fine. In this mode, the other computer simply will appear as a second hard drive on the desktop of the MacBook Pro. According to Apple "to use Target Disk Mode, simply connect the computers using a FireWire cable, then start the second computer while holding down the "T" key on its keyboard.

If you have an iPod, it is easy to connect the iPod to the older Mac in disk mode, copy your files, connect the iPod to your MacBook Pro, and copy your files to the new system. If you're not interested in using wireless networking, a MacBook Pro also can be connected with a standard Ethernet cable to many other recent models.

For older systems, assuming that Ethernet is installed, you can just use a simple crossover cable, or Ethernet cables and a hub, to connect another Mac to the MacBook Pro. For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EveryMac. Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated. Contact - EveryMac.

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