How to save youtube videos to your mac

How to download and watch YouTube videos offline on iPhone/iPad/PC/Mac?

Are you finding websites where you can download YouTube videos? Actually, you can download YouTube video on Safari. Head on to YouTube website and navigate to your desired content and pause the video just after it starts playing. Locate the entry similar to the name of video you have opened, which has the largest file size. Double click to download the video to your Mac. Go to the YouTube website and find the video you want to download.

Open it, pause the video and let it load completely.

This contains all the recent information cached by Google from your internet usage. Now begin to find the video. This is tricky since there are so many cache files. The information isn't named in a convenient way, because it's the raw data. So start by scrolling from the bottom of the list and looking closely for a file of the appropriate size.

When you've located your video file, right click, copy the file and paste it onto your desktop.

To open the file in QuickTime or other video players, you'll need to rename the extension by clicking on the file name and adding. You can also rename the video. Download Download. Play the video on YouTube actually, other platforms are supported. Of course, if you tend to keep the video as its original style on YouTube channel, you don't need to add anything to it.

When the video goes to the end, hit REC button or use the hotkey to stop recording. Then, preview the recording and save it. That is what you need from YouTube with no copyright infringement. Which method will be the best for you?

Ummy Video Downloader for Mac OS - Download YouTube Video

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YouTube Offline Mac: How to Save a YouTube Video to Mac in 7 Easy Ways

The advanced technology gives excellent speed and restricts quality loss. You will be able to download and convert videos that are available on YouTube. You will no longer be restricted to online usage of YouTube. The software will allow you to convert these videos into a variety of formats like MPEG4, MP3, and more with just a few clicks.

ClipGrab works very smoothly with Mac, and you will be able to master it without any difficulty. There are two versions of ClipGrab that you can use for your Mac. While the default version is compatible with macOS The software enables you to download your entire YouTube playlist along with the subtitles so that you can use them offline as well. Moreover, it also allows you to convert the downloaded YouTube videos into MP3 audio with precision.

You can also use the Pro version if you want advanced features. However, the basic version itself will allow you to download videos with resolution up till P, 4K and 8K for free without any difficulty. One of the main advantages of using this YouTube Downloader for Mac is that you will not need a separate YouTube video converter because it multitasks.

The auto-transfer feature will allow you to transfer the downloaded videos to your mobile devices at once. You can also back up your data so that you do not lose any media content. This free video downloader for Mac will change your life for the better. With it, you can save your favorite YouTube videos and view them whenever you want. YTD for Mac is very easy to use, and the interface is user-friendly. All you have to do is copy and paste the link to the YouTube video that you want in the software. Your video can be downloaded in high HD quality, or you can opt for lower quality if you are facing space issues.

This software will also allow you to track the status of the download and then convert it to the required format immediately. There are a number of preset modes that are compatible with iPods and iPads. If you want the downloading and the conversion to happen simultaneously to save time, you will need the Pro version. The YTD video downloader for Mac also supports batches. If you are wondering how to download YouTube videos to Mac, then this is the software that you need in your life.

It will allow you to download and save all your favorite videos without any hassle. The software can run multiple downloads at the same time. Moreover, you have the flexibility of choosing the format and resolution of the downloaded video. With the help of this YouTube video downloader for Mac you will be able to download YouTube playlists and create your own offline playlists that can be played even in the absence of an Internet connection.

Third-party tools

Airy offers customization settings which will allow you to tweak the final video so that it meets your quality standards. There are no videos out of your reach when you are using Airy. Moreover, you will be able to download the accompanying subtitles of the videos in SRT format. MediaHuman is the most efficient video downloader and converter on the market. The software allows you to download all the videos that you may find interesting on YouTube so that you can save them offline.

Coaching Videos for Training

The program will complete the process quickly after which there will be no restrictions on your YouTube viewing. Moreover, it allows simultaneous downloads, which means that you will be able to save a significant amount of time. With MediaHuman, you can save complete playlists and even channels on your device. It also allows you to extract the audio from the video and store it as a separate MP3 file. If you can configure the software properly, it will automatically transfer the downloaded videos to your iTunes library. If you want to save a Youtube video to Mac, then you do not have to work hard as long as you have this software.

The 5KPlayer will allow you to download as many online YouTube videos as you want for free. It can also capture streaming media in real time, capturing the moments that you might want to revisit later. You can expect the software to run smoothly on your Mac, and there will be no unnecessary crashes. You will be able to download the videos in different formats and resolutions according to what you are looking for. Along with conversion, you can edit the videos without losing the quality of the video.

All the videos will run smoothly on your iPhone and iPad once the transfer is complete.

how to save youtube videos to your mac How to save youtube videos to your mac
how to save youtube videos to your mac How to save youtube videos to your mac
how to save youtube videos to your mac How to save youtube videos to your mac
how to save youtube videos to your mac How to save youtube videos to your mac
how to save youtube videos to your mac How to save youtube videos to your mac
how to save youtube videos to your mac How to save youtube videos to your mac
how to save youtube videos to your mac How to save youtube videos to your mac
how to save youtube videos to your mac How to save youtube videos to your mac

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