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Other distros don't seem to work with Apple's EFI implementation. To boot other distros, I've had good luck with the refind[1] bootloader. Granted, I have only been booting live USBs, not installing on the internal drive. IgorPartola on Jan 26, You can and you won't and it is.

Performance issues are from the fact that other OS's don't support the hardware properly. Well, considering the fact that Apple made a program called "Bootcamp" which simplifies the process of installing Windows on your machine, I'd say other OSes are officially allowed by Apple. In fact, I have Win7, OS ProAm on Jan 26, Which building?

That thing is too shiny and I much prefer the aesthetic of PC boards and parts on a Pro machine. Then again I run my Windows tower with the sides off too, though that's because I was too lazy to hook up the power button and front USB ports. It has a sensor that disallows running it with the case off. Disabling the sensor would void the warranty. Not saying nobody will do it, because I'm quite certain someone will or already has?

Thermal design might rely on a laminar air flow inside the cylinder and taking the case off could result in increased tempatures. Of course we will only know if someone tries it and reports the measured temperatures. Well this is quite useful to know. I'm going to hope, then, that I can build or buy a clear plastic version of the casing. This one is interesting, I'm on the fence about it though. Only slight modifications are needed to make it work with PC components. Strangely managed to omit the word Macintrash. L'esprit de l'escalier. Macintrash would have been a perfect name for the build :D.

Seeing as I was using the exact same boards for my 6 rack cluster It's a little concerning to see pic 12, in what looks like to be a disassembled PSU on the underside of the board.

A personal computer "Mac Pro replica" that reproduced the new Mac Pro using a trash can

Other than that I think this build is actually pretty cool. Sort of off-topic question.

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It used to be the case a few years ago. Has it gotten easier to update a Hackintosh these days? No, you still have to refuse all OS updates. The OS update process costs you a few hours, spent carefully reading whatever the OSX hackers have to say about it. Depending on your hardware there could be a standard process, but it almost always requires a bit of command line work, clicking cancel at the right time, and withstanding the temptation of clicking reboot when the installer asks you to. Upgrading wasn't desireable anyway because newer versions of OSX stopped supporting multi-monitors after It really was great to be able to use OSX on my desktop.

Finally when staying on I was pleasantly surprised that Ubuntu now actually is very usable as a workstation for development. It's got all window manager features Bought a Mac mini as my desktop replacement on the off-chance that I might write an iOS app. I'm actually running Ubuntu inside Mac as my development environment. Ubuntu also nicely solves the "blurry text" problem [flame away! There's no blurry text problem -- Mac has a "respect the font design" look, Windows has a "crude text" problem, and Linux is somewhere in between.

That said, a retina display totally changes everything. No "blurry" and no-crude.

Just as reading a finely printed book. You wont want to go back to a low DPI monitor after a week of using a retina. As for using Ubuntu for development inside OS X, that's actually the best of both worlds. You have a stable desktop system, and you can have arbitrary development environments for every job assuming you use a VM , that are just like the target environment assuming you deploy on Linux. I'd also suggest trying Vagrant, if you don't use it already.

OK, I see why a downvoter downvoted it. I meant to write: "Yep, I know why the Mac's text looks blurrier" i.

Mac Pro Replica Built From An Actual Trashcan

The way I've written it now makes it sound like I'm disagreeing. Anyway, the link above should be useful to future readers. ChronosKey on Jan 26, Mine that I am typing on right now can be updated through the app store. Sound breaks but that is a two minute fix.

Major updates But I've been lurking on the hackintosh forums[1] and it really isn't very hard. I'm about to jump into the hack world. The decision process was pretty difficult, but I think I've crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's. I recorded the hardest decisions in my blog[2]. You can't use Software Update to install OS updates you can update everything else through there though. It's fairly easy to install the updates via USB as long as you have your configuration and drivers backed up though.

I have updated all of my hakintoshes via software update with no issues. Just keep a recovery USB stick handy if one of the updates goes bad. That's good to know, might have to give that a shot next time.

I've actively avoided doing it that way up until now since it's the standard recommendation not to. I just upgraded mine to Randomly, but seldomly. I use a hackintosh for my day-to-day work, and so far I only had one update where I needed to roll back until new patches were available. FWIW, I haven't had any update issues for years. If you have hardware setup that was easy to install on, then you'll have a hardware setup that is easy to update. If you had to do anything special after the basic install, you'll probably have to do the same thing after each update.

I always found it a little sad how much Apple has discouraged people from building Hackintoshes particularly when you consider the early days of Apple. I don't think that's quite true.

New Apple Mac Pro - will it influence future SFF designs?

There's a lot that's not generally compatible with a lot of ATX boards special power management stuff, drivers , but in general they haven't done a whole lot to block it off. I think they see it as a hobyist activity that does more to encourage sales than lose them. Well, the point is you cannot sell these. If you do try to sell them, thing a get even worse for you. Not that I see how they could make it work but the current status is definitely not peachy.

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I don't think anyone expects to get support for running a hackintosh, but my point was that apple don't do much to dissuade this behaviour. It was a pretty widely held belief at the time of the launch of intel macs that the choice to use an, at the time kind of moribund, EFI BIOS was a deliberate attempt to make hackintoshes difficult.

And it really did keep it from happening for quite a while.

Of course, there are many other pretty good reasons to go with EFI. It's just that its fate seemed tied to that of Itanium back then. The absolute simplest thing for Apple to have done at the time would've been to have kept using OpenFirmware, for maximum compatibility with existing PowerMacs OpenFirmware boot code is written in platform-independent Forth.

This would've made building hackintoshes much harder than EFI, since EFI motherboards were quasi available at the time and clearly going to be growing in the future, whereas OpenFirmware x86 motherboards were speciality hardware that only Apple and Sun would have been producing.

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