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Using single quotes in WordPress passwords no longer crash the application. Hardened host import and publish functions against network interruptions Improved loading from Cloud in PHP cgi mode Fixed a bug when reloading the hosts table Please note: Fixed a crash when reading the user ID Edit windows support proxy icons in the titlebar - when possible. The checkbox "Automatically resolve aliases and symbolic links" now works correctly in open dialogs.

You can no longer create snapshots if there is not enough free disk space. Host-specific ports are no longer ignored. Redis starts more reliably when using the 'redis' user account. Automatically created snapshots now have "[auto]" in their name. When purging old snapshots "[auto]" snapshots are removed first, then the oldest snapshots, until only or less snapshots per host are left. Communication with Dropbox is more reliable. Transferring WordPress hosts works more stable.

Hosts are now grouped correctly. Webpage previews in the Overview window are cancelled immediately if necessary. Editor Auto-completion settings are now stored permanently. Fixed a crash when inserting text The menubar item now respects the user settings. The demo does no longer expire prematurely.

Add and remove database directly from MAMP PRO, no need to switch to an external tool Snapshots let you preserve every aspect of a host and restore the host to this state later - useful if you need to make lots of changes to a host, i. Add custom folders to the editors sidebar Open hosts in the default web browser from everywhere via the menubar New Cloud user-interface New components Redis 3. Help please? Hopefully I can help. Have you tried restarting Apache and then entering the URL in your browser again?

This all works on my machine but how can I access the page from another computer on the same network? Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial, works great! I tried three other tutorials before yours and none of them worked for me…. But I have a problem: Am I doing something wrong? I am sorry for double-posting, but I found some things out. How may I fix this major problem?

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And will there be some other important things missing? I am using Mac OS X But I fixed the problem by myself! I have walked through all the steps here. Ok great so those commands worked as well. I tried running the restart command and same thing applies.

How to install Apache and PHP on a Mac with OSX + (MAMP Part 1) – Machiine

It sounds like you did that correctly. I am going to try to recreate the problem on my server to see if I can duplicate the problem. Hi James, to confirm.

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I restarted: Then started: Got through the rest of the steps successfully. Now just trying to figure out how to implement the MySQL for my website. If you create something local server through the phpMyAdmin then does it provide the code for website use? Or is this only really for local testing? Already have a dedicated server and website up. Yes having the MySQL installed on your localhost is best for local testing and development.

You will just need to install MySQL on your dedicated server. What OS are you running on it? Server Settings Apache version 2. Upon entering http: Do you know why that is? Hi Tom. This is because the php module is not enabled in the httpd. You can see instructions in Step 2.

How to install Apache and PHP on a Mac with OSX 10.8 + (MAMP Part 1)

Thanks for answering my question, Mr. As embarrassing as it is to have to admit, in the short time between my question and your response everything that I had gotten to work following your steps has stopped working all together. Parts of it that were clicking just a few weeks ago when all this was making sense are not there. Someday, though…. Please I was confortable untill step 5. I got this message on firefox: The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

I got osx I am still studying php now and for days I cannot get enable. However I search google but no solutions.

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Please help. I did some quick research and it looks like it might be a problem with firefox http: Thanks for this guide. Apache2 works since I can type in http: This was the default. Could you help me set up my configuration file the right way? My end goal is to be able to load Dokuwiki. Hi Alex Try this. Put the path in quotes when you type it in a file or on the command line. When a path has spaces it needs to be either wrapped in quotes. I proceeded through all the steps, but when I go to my browser and enter http: Try this.

Check to make sure you restarted your apache server correctly. In your terminal run sudo apachectl restart. I was having the same problem until I noticed the the curlysign in front of the username. I was not adding it when I typed the: Hello thx for sharing the knowledge. Its that only work in Safari? Apache comes preinstalled so the localhost should work on all browsers. What do you see when you go to the address http: I have two quick questions for you. After setting up the username.

Thank you for downloading MAMP!

If you did restart the server, is the path in the conf file directory set correctly? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. If you upgraded from a previous version of OSX your hosting environment will be broken. Step 1 How to start your Apache web server: Apache comes preinstalled on Apple OS X Uncomment the userdir While the httpd.

Type Y to confirm. Then press enter. Step 3 How to set up a user configuration file: Check your Apache version. You will need this in a couple minutes. Type the following in Terminal. It will output your Apache version. Setting up a user configuration file: If you are running Apache 2. Step 4 How to enable and configure Htaccess: Many php applications rely on htaccess for URL routing.

Again open the httpd.

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